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Matt Lewin: Geospatial Strategy

Updated: Jan 23

In this episode of Pathfinders, we talk about Geospatial Strategy. What it is and why you need one. The world has woken up to the power of location. Geospatial is coming out of the backroom and into the boardroom. The ability to look at business data from different perspectives, through different lenses (where and when) has made many business leaders realize that location enablement is an enterprise priority. Getting data into the hands of decision makers, through all means possible is priority number 1 in our digital world. Maps, GIS, location intelligence, Geospatial. This capability (regardless of what you choose to call it) is really an untapped resource to those who don’t have specialized skills or understanding of it. Thankfully Digital strategies, data strategies, IT strategies are all highlighting the need to include GIS. In fact, a dedicated GIS strategy is now as important as all other strategies. The path from a GIS Manager to a GIS Leader is guided by strategy. And that's what todays Pathfinder, early in his career, realized and he has dedicated his time to helping organizations get the most out of their investment in this capability Matt Lewin is a management consultant, technology strategist and business director. His ebook Geospatial Strategy Essentials for Managers is an effective guide to making the case, building the strategy and governing for success. Matt posts his articles and insights online and is a sought-after speaker in the GIS community.

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