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Julie Spangler: The Power of Storytelling

Updated: Jan 23

Julie Spangler's path is a radiant example of how passion, perseverance, and the ability to connect with others can transform a career into a purposeful journey. Through the lens of GIS, she illuminates the beauty of shared stories, the strength of adaptability, and the significance of embracing diversity. Her journey inspires us to navigate our own pathways with an open heart and an unwavering commitment to creating meaningful connections.


"Your attitude frames the story you tell; positivity colors your narrative."


Julie Spangler, a Director of Client Services, has dedicated her career to the geospatial industry, becoming a luminary in the field. She radiates a passion for people, storytelling, and the uncharted territories where they intersect. Through her work, she explores the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to convey narratives, uncover insights, and establish meaningful connections. Julie's journey unfolds as a tale of unexpected turns, resilience, and a commitment to embracing the unanticipated.

Unveiling the Essence of GIS

What is GIS? At its core, it's not just data points on a map; it's a gateway to compelling visual storytelling. Julie elucidates this transformation—how GIS serves as a conduit to unravel the mysteries of "what," "where," "why," and even "how." It's the art of unraveling hidden relationships, exposing influences, and extracting deeper meanings from seemingly disparate information. Over time, GIS has metamorphosed into a vehicle for conveying complex ideas and realities to a diverse audience.

An Unexpected Career Journey

Julie's journey in the geospatial realm wasn't meticulously charted from the outset. In fact, it was an unplanned yet serendipitous voyage. Graduating from Towson University, her academic trajectory weaved through civil engineering, physics, and economics before settling on geography. The wisdom gained from this crooked path is that sometimes, one must be open to embracing detours as opportunities for growth. Life has a way of guiding us toward where we truly belong, even if it takes a few twists and turns to get there.

Igniting Passion

Underlying Julie's journey is a passion for people, connections, and the stories that bind us together. Growing up in a small community, she realized the significance of shared experiences that transcend geography and background. Through GIS, she discovered a means to unite individuals through stories, sparking connections that bridge disparate worlds. This passion underscores her work, fueling her commitment to weaving narratives that inspire, educate, and enlighten.

The Power of Action

Julie's enthusiasm isn't confined to abstract ideas—it's infused into action. Through public speaking engagements and software demonstrations, she shines a light on the stories behind GIS projects. Every map holds within it a story of challenge, solution, and success. Julie's proactive approach to sharing these narratives invites collaboration, fosters understanding, and paves the way for better connections between people and their data.

The Strength of Tenacity

Julie recognizes that challenges are inevitable, but her tenacity has proven to be a formidable ally. Early in her career, she realized that sharing stories wasn't limited to the GIS community. Conveying these narratives to individuals beyond the field is where true impact resides. Her unyielding commitment to this vision enabled her to overcome hurdles and maintain a focus on connecting people through the common thread of storytelling.

Embracing Humility

Through her experiences, Julie learned the value of humility and embracing diverse perspectives. Instead of solely relying on her own knowledge, she seeks to understand others' viewpoints. She recognizes the importance of keeping an open mind, asking questions, and adapting to the needs of the situation. Her humility allows her to connect with others more authentically and navigate complex challenges with grace.

Final Thoughts

Julie's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and people. Her story reinforces the notion that every individual's path is unique and unexpected. It's a reminder that our strengths lie in our willingness to embrace change, pivot when needed, and find the courage to explore new horizons. Julie's narrative illuminates the profound impact of GIS and the potential it holds to bring people together, fostering unity and empathy.

Get in Touch

Julie Spangler's story is an invitation to connect, collaborate, and share in the power of geospatial storytelling. If her journey resonates with you or if you're eager to explore the world of GIS and its potential for weaving connections, you can reach out to Julie via LinkedIn or email. Julie welcomes conversations, questions, and the opportunity to foster mentorship, growth, and understanding.

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