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Charting a path


Pathfinder Exploration Community is a platform that connects professionals within the GIS industry, helping them share their personal journeys, experiences, and insights. 

Maps are not just lines and symbols; they are stories waiting to be told, journeys waiting to be taken, and knowledge waiting to be discovered.

Our Vision


Around the world, in every industry, exceptional individuals, known as Pathfinders, drive innovation, teamwork, and progress. They are leaders with unique stories, combining passion, action, tenacity, and humility. Their journeys inspire, sharing knowledge for the greater good. Our vision is to connect you with these leaders and their inspiring stories.

Our Audience

These four GIS personas were chosen to represent our diverse audience, encompassing leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and advocates, each contributing uniquely to innovation, decision-making, and the advancement of geospatial technology.


GIS leaders drive innovation, improve culture and create solutions, shaping our interconnected world.


GIS managers coordinate spatial data, technology, and teams for informed decision-making.


Entrepreneurs in GIS innovate spatial solutions, driving progress, sustainability, and data-driven decisions.


GIS advocates promote geospatial technology's benefits, innovation, and its vital role in decision-making.

Featured Content


Each episode of our podcast is a journey into the world of leadership excellence. Explore the latest episodes here, as we delve into the stories and insights of inspiring leaders who have blazed their own trails. Join us to discover the valuable lessons and experiences they share, guiding you on your own path towards effective leadership.

The P.A.T.H. Process


We select people who embody four crucial qualities. Passion drives their dedication, fueling their unwavering commitment to their vision. These leaders are individuals of decisive action, turning ideas into reality with determination. Their tenacity endures through challenges, inspiring resilience. Above all, their humility fosters collaboration, acknowledging the contributions of others on their path to leadership excellence.


Passion at work is intense enthusiasm, driving deep engagement, motivation, and proactive dedication for tasks, fostering fulfillment and success.

Old Globe


Tenacity is resolute persistence, overcoming challenges, perseverance, adaptability, ambitious pursuit despite setbacks.

Tourists Reading Map


Action is proactively completing tasks and a relentless persistent pursuit of high standards, improvement and commitment to the goal.

Compass & Map


Humility means modesty, gratitude, valuing others' contributions, and learning from experiences fostering respect and growth.

Tourists with Map and Coffee
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