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Open Data and Smart Home Technology - Matt Pietryszyn

Updated: Jan 20

Matt Pietryszyn is an innovator and disruptor in the GIS industry here in Canada. He led the City of Brampton’s GeoHub team to a number of national and international awards and is now co-founder and President of Qwhery. Qwhery helps Cities connect the services that they provide to their residents in a way that is truly unique – through smart home technology, Open Data and Community Engagement. It gives you the ability to talk live to your municipal data. Why navigate the city website? Qwhery has put your data on the tip of your tongue... all you have to do is ask. Matt has a unique story to tell about starting a company based on Open Data and he joined me to talk about his P.A.T.H. Enjoy

Podcast on SoundCloud - the podcast embedded


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