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Kendrick O. Faison: Exploring endless possibilities with geosciences

Updated: Feb 4


In an enlightening discussion, Kendrick O. Faison shares profound insights on leadership, the transformative power of GIS, and the essence of personal and professional growth. Through his journey, Faison underscores the critical role of GIS in storytelling and societal change, emphasizing how data visualization can illuminate stories and influence decisions from redistricting to educational opportunities. He advocates for breaking beyond traditional roles, leveraging AI and machine learning to propel the industry forward. Faison highlights the significance of diversity and inclusion within the GIS community, advocating for a collaborative approach that embraces young talent and neurodiversity. His leadership philosophy, rooted in gratitude and giving back, reflects a deep understanding of the responsibilities that come with success. Faison's perspective on entrepreneurship, emphasizing continuous learning and the importance of listening, along with his innovative approach to problem-solving, showcases the impact of visionary leadership in the geospatial field.

"The GIS community has one of the best make this a melting pot because data has no name, data has no color, data has no socioeconomic status."

Kendrick O. Faison, M.S. GSci President/CEO at SpatialGIS


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