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Andrew Burton: Developing an open data culture

Updated: Jun 9


In this episode of Pathfinders, we talk about what it takes to launch an Open Data program within Government. Working in Government is a rewarding, and at times challenging, endeavor. Staff come to work everyday seeking ways to be more efficient, enable greater transparency with their colleagues and the public and to work smarter so that they can focus on improving your quality of life. You expect the bus to show up on time, the water to be clean and the garbage to be picked up. And, you expect that staff are doing this cost effectively. But did you know that much of the data that drives these programs can be made available to you? Open Data is a means by which governments can achieve these outcomes and share your data with you. By putting your data online for you to interact with, analyze and download they are becoming more efficient by removing barriers and costs, increasing self service and by allowing you as a resident, businesses, and media outlets a window into the operations and key decisions. Open Data programs are now a main feature of Municipal government. In fact, in Canada there are now more than 50 open data programs online and more coming every year. So what does it take to launch an open data program? Andrew Burton joins us from the City of Winnipeg to share why he and his colleagues have launched as a means to share capital projects, city budgets and planning related data to help form a tighter bond between the City and the residents.

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