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David Moss: Owning Your Career

Updated: Jan 23

In this Pathfinder episode, we speak with David Moss about how he took ownership over his career in the Geospatial Industry. David joins us from his home in Phoenix, Arizona and shares his journey from engineering student to Director of GIS Strategic Enterprise Planning at Sidwell. From the basketball court to the boardroom - a love for the game fueled his approach to strategy and teamwork.

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As David has traveled along this career path, he has learned a few lessons that he shares with our Pathfinder community.

1) Learn how to read people and understand what motivates them so you can empower them to be their best.

2) Focus on what matters the most in the moment and deal with the hard challenges before they bite you down the road.

3) Maintain a positive attitude and persevere when managing unrealistic expectations early in your career.


Passion - David's passion for the industry is rooted in his passion for leadership which is fueled by his desire to have a career that matters, to focus on what he does best and to hire and empower others.

Action - He turned this passion into action by taking control of his career, asking for help from a mentor, paying for his own training and development and continually evaluating his goals.

Tenacity - His career achievements have not come easily and he has been tenacious in understanding that work is more than delivering a task - it is understanding the rules of the game, being comfortable with grey, and treating work like a small business where every decision matters.

Humility - This journey has taught David to focus on being a springboard for other professionals and to help them grow and evolve. He enjoys "seeing others shine in their light"


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