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Exploring the Birth of Pathfinders: A Conversation with Founder Jeff Lamb

Updated: Jan 23

Jeff was the originator of the Pathfinder concept, and his passion and tenacity are what has brought us to where we are today. Jeff’s amiable, outgoing and thoughtful style is an excellent match for his role hosting Pathfinder episodes. A natural networker, he quickly sees the possibilities for introducing new ideas and connections to those with whom he deals.

In an insightful conversation with Jeff Lamb, the founder of Pathfinders, we delve into the origins and motivations behind this unique platform for story-based learning. Pathfinders, a community-driven initiative, seeks to connect individuals across industries to share their experiences and knowledge through the power of storytelling. In this article, we'll explore Jeff's journey, the significance of storytelling in learning, the choice of the name "Pathfinders," and the early reactions to this inspiring project.

A Dinner That Sparked an Idea

Jeff Lamp's journey to founding Pathfinders began at a conference, much like any other industry event. However, what set this particular conference apart was a transformative dinner with industry leaders. Jeff recalls, "I learned over that dinner table that story-based learning was more impactful than sitting in a conference and watching technology buttons be pushed." This revelation opened his eyes to the potential of storytelling as a powerful educational tool. He realized that genuine, personal stories from experts held the key to making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

The Birth of Pathfinders: Connecting Through Stories

The genesis of Pathfinders can be traced back to that fateful dinner. Jeff Lamb, contemplating how to share the wisdom and insights he had encountered, decided to create a platform dedicated to storytelling in learning. He recounts, "I need to find more people like that who can tell a story. And that really was the beginning of Pathfinders." The core idea was to connect individuals who could share their experiences, challenges, and successes with others, fostering a vibrant community of knowledge exchange.

The Significance of the Name "Pathfinders"

Naming a project is a crucial step in its journey to becoming tangible. For Jeff, the name "Pathfinders" emerged during a walk with his family. He reflects, "I was thinking about this body of work, how we could improve it. The people that I was sitting around that table with, they're helping people walk down a path, a path of discovery, a path of career journey, and it just, Pathfinders just popped into my head and it felt right." The name encapsulated the essence of the initiative – individuals who blaze a trail for others to follow, individuals who want to build a path to knowledge.

The Bravery of Early Pathfinders

Launching a new project always requires a degree of courage, and the initial Pathfinders were no exception. Jeff carefully selected individuals who he believed shared the vision of Pathfinders and would be willing to take the leap. "Paul Jeru was the first Pathfinder," Jeff notes, "and I thought of him because he just lives the Pathfinder way in how he works and who he is." The early Pathfinders showed bravery in embracing this novel concept and contributing their stories to the community.

The Heartwarming Early Reactions

The reception of Pathfinders by the community has been nothing short of heartwarming. Jeff expresses his humility, saying, "I just feel humbled, honestly. It was a small idea that was eating away at me at night, and I finally just decided to put it out there. And it's been amazing what has come back." From global interactions to thoughtful suggestions for improvement, the community has shown its support and willingness to contribute.

The Future of Pathfinders: A Community's Vision

As Pathfinders takes its first steps into the world, Jeff envisions an open-ended journey. He emphasizes the importance of community input, saying, "If you're watching this, you tell us. What would you like to see this become? This is a community, and we want to hear what you want it to be." While there are plans to expand and refine the platform, the ultimate direction will be guided by the needs and desires of the Pathfinders community.

In conclusion, Pathfinders is a testament to the power of storytelling and community-driven learning. Jeff Lamb's journey from a revelatory dinner to the birth of this platform showcases the transformative potential of sharing experiences through stories. As Pathfinders continues to grow, it holds the promise of becoming a vital resource for those seeking knowledge, inspiration, and connections in their respective fields. To infinity and beyond, as they say – the path ahead is full of exciting possibilities.

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