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Unlock the power of GIS in leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. Dive into each area by clicking the links below. Empower your geospatial journey today! Explore leadership, enhance management, ignite entrepreneurship, and amplify advocacy with GIS. Dive in now!

Types of Pathfinders


GIS leaders drive innovation, improve culture and create solutions, shaping our interconnected world.


GIS managers coordinate spatial data, technology, and teams for informed decision-making.


Entrepreneurs in GIS innovate spatial solutions, driving progress, sustainability, and data-driven decisions.


GIS advocates promote geospatial technology's benefits, innovation, and its vital role in decision-making.

Discover our interactive world map to locate pathfinders worldwide. Click on the icons to watch their videos and explore their incredible journeys. Embark on an inspiring adventure and connect with pathfinders across the globe. Explore, learn, and be inspired by their stories.

Interactive Map

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