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Congratulations on being recognized as a Pathfinder in your field! A Pathfinder is a trailblazer who introduces new ways of thinking, innovative ideas, and collaborative projects that elevate the industry. Pathfinders openly share their knowledge to uplift those around them. Your impressive contributions have caught the attention of your colleagues, who are eager to hear your story. We are here to help you share your journey and connect with others who seek inspiration and insight.


The purpose of this document is to gather background information before your interview, which will be transformed into a podcast and accompanied by a detailed write-up about your work. To maintain consistency, all Pathfinder interviews follow a standard format. Please take some time to reflect on the key messages of your story before our meeting, as we aim to keep the videos under 30 minutes. Remember, you might not think you've done something extraordinary, but others do and are eager to hear what you have to say!

Thanks for submitting!

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