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BeSpatial Ontario

BeSpatial is the premier geospatial and information non-profit organization in Ontario, dedicated to sharing valuable geospatial insights within our community. Comprised of public and private sector professionals, groups, affiliate organizations, and businesses, we  discuss, develop, and provide innovative solutions in the field of geospatial applications and technologies. Actively seeking partnerships with like-minded professional organizations like AOLS, MISA, and ACEC, BeSpatial fosters a collaborative environment.

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Sponsored Episodes

Pathfinders is excited to partner with BeSpatial Ontario to sponsor a year of engaging Pathfinder’s podcasts. This collaboration brings our members 24 episodes (2 a month for 2024) packed with expert insights, fostering professional development and innovation in the geospatial sector. It's an opportunity for our community to connect, learn, and make informed decisions using knowledge shared openly by GIS leaders across the globe.

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